Our educational farm

Meet our animals who will welcome you warmly: goats, sheepdogs, chickens, roosters... our shy cat will be discreet.

Our goats

Since our installation, we enter in a step of safeguard of animals by recovering of the retired goats or separated from their mother.

Our goats are in freedom around our lodgings, you could not be closer to them (Bibi, Chaussette, Fanta, Everest, Petit-pois, Piment).

Do not be afraid of their beautiful horns, they claim the caresses or the kisses.


Come to the farm to meet Coq and his hens.

And if the fox is not out, you can see them outside the henhouse.

Chat with our geese: the "Maries" Charlotte, Antoinette, Sophie.

Hive and honey house

Beekeeper under the name of Misterbeez, we will share with you our passion for the life of bees and our love for honey.

Our apiary is installed on our property, in the middle of the mountain at 1100m of altitude.

We carry out on the spot of the apiarian pedagogy, during stroll with our goats.in store we propose honeys of our beautiful region and of local beekeepers.